The goal of Photoshop for Photographers was to created a series of videos design to teach aspects of Adobe Photoshop to a photographer.  Photoshop is designed to be used by artists, graphic designers, illustrators, animators, web designers and photographers.  How we use this program can differ greatly.   The series of Photoshop tutorials follows very close to my college course called Photoshop for Photographers.  Photoshop excels at multiple ways to do the same thing.  I will let you know which methods are useful and which ones you really do not need to use.  The program is always getting updated so I will always be adding to this as the program changes.

Learning Adobe Photoshop can take years to get efficient and accurate.  If you  decide to follow along, be ready to start and stop a lot.  A second monitor or device will really help in the capacity.

I tried to learn for books and found it very difficult.  I have plenty of other more advanced Photoshop videos that I will be posting on this site. 

If you have any suggestions or subjects I might not cover feel free send me info on the contact section of this site.

Sorry but some of the RAW files I used from Wesaturate are gone.  I wanted to have files that everyone could download and follow along.  Unfortunately, right after I finished the series they removed the site.  You should be fine just use your own raw files and follow along.