Adobe Bridge and Photo Mechanic 6 are two image browser programs.  Adobe Bridge is a browser that is designed to work with the entire Creative Cloud Suite.  Photo Mechanic is my favorite browser and is great for any photographer but especially editorial and journalism.

I broke the the Photo Mechanic videos into three parts for ease of learning and retention value.  However, if you want everything in one shot, “The Complete Guide” is a combination of all three videos.

Bridge comes with the Photography and Creative Cloud Suites.  Most will use this.  Originally, it was slow and a horrible program.  I has improved over the years and quite good.  Photo Mechanic is know for ingest and culling speeds, captioning and code replacement.  It also has the ability to send files via ftp. 

Adobe Lightroom can be used as a browser but I will have Lightroom on its own page since it serves a  variety of functions.

If you have any suggestions or subjects I might not cover feel free send me info on the contact section of this site.


OnOne Photo Raw​ Presets and Effects

In this episode we will take a look at OnOne Photo Raw​ Presets and Effects. OnOne has an amazing set of effects and presets. They have the best set of effects I have seen in a program and you have amazing control over the effects. This is the main reason I own the program. The presets are a combination different effects to give your a variety of looks with each image. Like effects the OnOne presets are second to none.

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