Photography 101 is a series of videos designed to teach you how to use your camera and learn the basic principals of better photography.

The first aspect of learning photography and the most important is how to control your camera.  This is done by adjusting the aperture, shutter speed and ISO and understanding how they after your image.   It does not matter if you are using manual or automatic, you have to understand these items to control the camera.  Manual will force you to learn the principals quicker.  It is not the most exciting process and will slow you photography down but in the long run it is the best way to learn.

The next aspect of photography is composition which can include backgrounds, movement, color, light, negative space and a variety of other factors.  The first part of photography is the technical side.  This part is the aesthetic side.   Some will be challenged by the technical and some will be challenged by the aesthetic.  Don’t worry if you struggle with one more than the other.  

All this takes time, I mean years to get proficient. Not only does it take time but consistency.   Do not move on from one video until you understand the one you watched.  Each video is meant to build on the principals and tasks you have learned.  Too much info at one time will be overwhelming.  

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