I added this miscellaneous videos section to house subjects or programs that do not require their own page.  However, they are videos that can be beneficial if published.   

At the moment I will be posting videos on Open Broadcaster Studio or OBS.  This is the #1 free open source screen recording software.  I use it to make all of my videos.   

The second subject will be some videos on Final Cut Pro X.   This is macs video editing software.   I use if over Adobe Premiere Pro cc because it runs so much faster and is optimized for a mac. 

The latest videos are on an alternative to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop called, “OnOne Photo Raw 2020.”  OnOne is similar to Lightroom but has a few more features and superior presets.  Truthfully, I like the browser and editing capabilities of the program but I really only use the effects and presets.  OnOne is available ay this link, https://www.on1.com/ 

I am not sponsored by any of these companies and my review are my own opinions. 

If you have any suggestions or subjects I might not cover feel free send me info on the contact section of this site.


Open Broadcaster Studio

Final Cut Pro

Edit OBS in FCPX

Megabit vs Megabyte

Don't be Fooled!

Photo Mechanic 6

Culliing or Tagging

OnOne Photo Raw


OnOne Photo Raw​


OnOne Photo Raw​


OnOne Photo Raw​

Edit 2

OnOne Photo Raw


OnOne Photo Raw​


OnOne Photo Raw​

Effects & Presets

OnOne Photo Raw​

Focus Stacking

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