Quick Photoshop Tutorials

Quick Or To The Point Photoshop Tutorials

I found there are two basic types of individuals on Youtube. Ones that just want you to get to the point, and ones that want to know everything about a subject. My videos were designed as supplemental material for college students, so you get how, why and my opinion. I listen to my viewers comments, and created this category called, “Quick Photoshop Tutorials.”

What you need to know about YouTube from a content providers perspective is YouTube wants videos to be 8 minutes or longer. Yes, there are other factors, but this is why the quick Photoshop videos will usually be 8 minutes in length. I will be combine similar functions or subjects to reach that 8 minute goal. If you can’t wait, I will add a time stamp to these videos.

In the future I will also create quick videos for Adobe Lightroom Classic and digital photography. If you have anything you would like to see a quick Photoshop tutorial on let me know in the comments below.

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