Teaching the World Photography

Welcome to John Whitehead Images Tutorials. The goal of this site is to offer my knowledge to you in the form of YouTube Tutorials. My tutorials were designed as supplemental material for my college, photography and Adobe Photoshop classes. It is hard to make videos that meet everyone’s needs. The basics videos I will give more explanation as how and why, then I plan on creating a series of short videos that just explain how. Categories I plan on having are Photoshop for Photographers, Advanced Photoshop, to the point, photoshop, Lightroom, advanced Lightroom, Adobe Bridge, Photo Mechanic, Final Cut Pro, and made some miscellaneous videos. Feel free to make any suggestions.

What, I ask in return is if you could like videos, subscribe to the YouTube channel is you find the videos helpful, and to share videos on social media.

I rebuilt this site from the ground up, and added an SSL so you will not get a unsecure website warning. At launch I will have two browser videos on Adobe Bridge and Photo Mechanic. The first series of videos on Adobe Lightroom Classic, and some Adobe Photoshop videos. I will be adding the rest of the videos as I explained above as time goes on. Note: My YouTube Channel already has most of these videos, so feel free to search for them directly on my channel.

The basic Lightroom and Photoshop videos are designed to learn in a linear order. You will note the have Video #1, Video #2 etc… You should learn how to do one aspect before moving on. I understand you want to do the fun part, but if you do not learn the basics you will struggle down the road.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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