Welcome to my series on Adobe Lightroom ClassicClassic is not an old version of Adobe Lightroom it is just the version made for laptop and desktop computersLightroom CC is a version made for tablets and phones. CC is similar to the Classic but is designed to work in the cloud.   This series will walk you through the import to exportI cover the good and bad of Adobe Lightroom
Lightroom is a hybrid programThe interesting part and the part that irritates me is Lightroom catalogs your images. This is great if you need to search for an image, but I move my file often and because Lightroom locates files by a path, it is unable to locate my original files.
Lightroom is a RAW photo editorNot to be confused with image editor which it is not, but can be used as one. The Adobe Lightroom Develop module and Adobe Camera Raw are the same program, but the look it a little different. The are both need to process RAW files, so they can be used in Adobe Photoshop. Lightroom can also make books, slideshows and webpages, but this aspect of the program is poor.  
The series is designed for you to follow the order, but you can just watch specific Adobe Lightroom Classic videos if you likeI update my videos every couple of years to keep the new technology current.   I am presently updating the Lightroom videosI will add new ones as I finishHope you enjoy the videos.


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